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  1. cut the curled up parts with razor or something. That way you can stop the tape from completely peeling off.
  2. I still think about you from time to time... Remember when you told me to let you know? I 'member. Remember the time I did let you know? I 'member. I will still look for you, look for an answer to the problem that is tt Theron. Maybe I'll find a way the next time, in another 3 years...
  3. I am letting you know that didn't solve my problem for a year now....
  4. I am still checking this thread for an answer.
  5. But if I do that, buttons stops working completely I just want to assign mb4 as ptt key and talk in teamspeak as I browse the web. Problem is mb4 is back command by default so when I press the button I accidently go back ın browser If i disable the buttons I cant use it as a ptt key Hopefully you can understand the problem more clearly now. Also I cant seem to emulate side keys as a keyboard key (side button as Z on keyboard for example)
  6. Hey, I've never used side buttons in my gaming since when I try adjusting a games control settings it would not see the side buttons as mb4/mb5. Last week for some reason it started to work again, but the problem is it also by default works as a back command in browsers. So when I'm in TeamSpeak and want to talk to my friends it goes back to the page before in my browser, I don't want that. But in theron app there is no option to leave the button empty(As mb4) I also can't get macro's to working. I tried this macro: and tried setting it like this: or this: It doesn't work, the buttons does nothing if i don't set it to default.
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