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  1. The afformentioned command center program is for level 10 M advanced. Mine is the older model (level 10 am black), I can only find the software for my model. Can anybody point me to the drivers?
  2. Also my problem is not purely cosmetics. Mouse itself works except for one thing, I cannot set wheel scroll speed on mouse software. That can only be changed fthrough default drivers. The real problem is that mouse software and default drivers are both trying to set cursor speed, sensitivty, wheel speed etc. I have to fiddle with both of them in order to achieve desired sensitvity for each dpi setting.
  3. My system is running on win 7 home premium. I did as you asked. -Unplug TTesports mouse -Reset machine -Run TTesports command center -Plug mouse Windows operating system tries to find a driver. System ends up installing one default HID mouse driver and one default HID keyboard driver. No observable activity from TTesports command center. I am attaching two screenshots before and after plugging the mouse. Even in "mouse_unplugged" picture you will see two HID mouse devices and two HID keyboard devices on device manager. Thats because of a touchpad keyboard, system installs one mouse and one keyboard deriver for touchpad, and one of each for the keyboard also. Third mouse is a trackball that has a driver from the producer. Windows works less than ideal for plug and play peripherals. Thats why im looking for a driver I can manually install. Thanks for your attention
  4. Yup, not a driver. Unpacked it, installed, ran executable. Now I have a tray icon with options: 1) Enable/Disable run at startup 2) Enable/Disable OSD 3) Go to TT website 4) Exit Doesnt seem to do anything, 4th option seems to be the most functional one. To be fair, I officially have a 26 MB link to the official http://www.ttesports.com/site. Returning to the starting point, does this mouse have a driver?
  5. This doesnt look like a driver, but I shall try.
  6. Greetings, I have a level 10 M as one of the three pointing devices on my rig. Somehow I cannot find the driver for this mouse. Dont get me wrong I have the mouse software installed and running. Also I did run the firmware update tool and got a message like there is no need for update. My problem is that in device manager it shows as a default "HID compliant mouse" and in devices and printers it shows as a keyboard labeled "TT esports level 10 mouse". Sorry if this is a known issue, I have searched for "level 10 M driver" but couldnt find any relevant entries on the forum. Best regards
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