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  1. I understand I am resurrecting an old thread but I am in exactly the same boat as you are. What is even worse, my fans were purchased in US and brought to me by a friend (you are unable to get these for less then double the price in Bosnia :( ) and now I am stuck with half the setup.


    I have to admit that I did received a response from TT in which they offer to help, however because of my location and the fact that fans are purchased in US there is not much they can do. I appreciate the fact that they at least tried...


    However, even if I am happy with the fact that they did tried to help, I am still a bit #### with the fact that nowhere on the site there is a statement that say that these two controllers are incompatible, and trust me, I have put an effort to try and get the information from TT site. I even posted the question about compatibility on TT FB page which nobody replied to.


    Now... I am confident that fans are compatible with controller even if connector is not (I am confident this is why they changed the connector on premium controller), and I am trying to find a way to make the adapter that would allow me to connect standard fans to premium fans controller. Because TT used non-standard connector I will probably have to solder the wires to the controller pcb and get the additional connectors outside of the controller case.


    If I am not mistaken, regular fan controller is using 2.54 mm (5-pins) connectors so this should not be an issue. Although I found a reply on a forum from TT moderator that this would not work, I cannot imagine why it would not as 4th pin should be pwm control (unless they pulled a sneaky move of reversing the pinout, which I doubt as it can be determined anyway :) ) making the 5th pin RGB control one. Now I need to wait my connectors to arrive in order to put this theory to the test. :)))))


    I would be glad if somebody could provide the feedback if they already tried this :)

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