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  1. Not sure I follow the guide really and to be honest this is the last route I want to take as I bought the fans mainly for the PWM so I don't have to mess with the Aquaero 6 XT fan controller using it manually .Not sure putting 9 fans into one motherboard header would be wise . However I wouldn't mind putting 4 fans on 2 x controllers and then 2 fans into 1 controller as the latter will be for air into the case from front and an exhaust on a 120mm rad . The 2x banks of 4 is for 2x 480mm rads that one is on the bottom of the case where you can see all 4 fans light up (looks fantastic) and the other is in the roof of the case . The case is the corsair 900D tower .
  2. OP .How are you controling the PWM signal ? Or are you only doing the speed by using the Aqausuite software ? I'm already using the standard none RGB none PWM fans in red through my aqua computer controller and I have to change the speed through the software or the provided remote . I would like to connect my 9 fans together and have the PWM so it ramps up on its own the hotter . I have ordered 3x3 boxes giving me 9 fans and 3 controllers . I only have 2 X PWM on my godlike motherboard and me too I have 2x 480mm rads . Will use spare as a exhaust at rear like yourself op .
  3. I just purchased 3x 3 pack thinking the cables was already on with them to link them up . I've looked around online and this cable is not available in the UK . £120 down the toilet . I got 2x 480 radiators and planned on using 4 on each and then the spare on another 120mm rear radiator . I'm not sure how i can put all 9 fans in and use the PWM signal . I have only 2 pwm 4 pins in my motherboard (MSI godlike) but I have a aqua computer Aquaero 6XT .can these be plugged into the PWM slot and daisy chained with fan cable splitters coming of off the single cable from the RGB controller ? . I'm already using 8 X normal none RGB Riing 12 in red and have to set the speed manually in the fan controller and happy at 700rpm with all 8 fans in 2 X fan channels banked as 2x 4 splitters . I really wanted to change the colour of the fans and have it speed up as my water for hotter as I'm bored of keep having to set the speed higher when gaming . Im also in the process of changing my faulty pump . There should come in 4 packs to make it easier for people that have 480mm rads. Might have to send these back and just keep what I have .
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