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  1. I just wanted to give props to the ThermalTake support team. I gave them the same overview I did here and they just shipped me 2 new controllers. Great customer service!
  2. I was seeing the issue when the controller and fans were ONLY connected to the PSU via molex. There was no m/b involved, so no chance that's interfering.
  3. Thanks Xoma. I'm familiar with the difference between a 3 and 4-pin socket. I originally had the controllers hooked up to 2 chassis pwm connectors on the m/b. That didn't work, so i figured they weren't getting enough power from the m/b. I used a phobya (sp?) adapter to connect via a molex for power and still connect to the chassis fan socket on the m/b. That didn't work either. I tried disconnecting from the m/b so that only 1 fan and connector were being directly powered from the molex. This takes the m/b out of the equation altogether and still nothing happened. I'm thinking it's an issue with the controllers, but i find it hard to believe both are bad.
  4. A friend suggested i try a isolating the issue. So i ran only a single fan to the controller powered directly to the PSU via molex and disconnected the pwm connector to the m/b. Still no luck. It powered up fine, but the controller didn't do anything. There's literally nothing else in that loop that could be interfering, but i'm having a hard time believing that both controllers are busted. Thoughts?
  5. I've tried regular, performance and full speed in UEFI, but nothing changed. The fan speed did not change, only when i unplugged and re-plugged back in. The bios read the fan speeds fine, but couldn't control them. The buttons on the fan controllers did nothing as well. Am I missing something? Should i be trying to tamper with the fan voltage? I thought I would be able to control them like I do with the CPU fan via the speed settings.
  6. I've got 6 x 140 Riing fans connected through 2 supplied controllers. The buttons on the controllers are unresponsive. They all power on blue. I had them connected directly through the 2 controllers to 2 chassis fans on the m/b, but thought they might not be getting enough power. So i've paired them together and connected them using an adapter (a molex and one of the m/b chassis fan connectors). Still nothing. I have noticed that the controller lights will switch between low and high (red and blue) only when i unplug and plug the units back in. I double checked in the bios (i have an ASRock Z170 extreme7+) and they don't respond through changing the fan speeds in there. However, when i do manually (unplug and re-plug) change them from low to high, the fan speeds appear to be reading correctly in the bios. I doubt both controllers are bad, but reading online they seem to be plug and play. What could I possibly be missing?
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