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  1. Just got mine today with brown switches. Was really happy while unboxing it but testing for 5 minutes makes me think to send it back. The brown switches are great but the software is just a shame! It shoudn't be that hard to implement a lighting effect with every key enlightened and by pressing it changing the colour to a customized one. That should be a standard option. Like Fully Lighted and Reactive combined. Otherwise it's just a nice lamp and not a gaming keyboard. Sorry but right now I'm really disappointed and would support an open source software. I will try some testing but without another software update I definitely buy another keyboard. Edit: After several testing i can say the software is horrible, it crashes a lot, doesn't show the colours correct and mix up my layers when changing effects. Can't believe that's already 1.4, I'm sorry for all the others who were unintentionally used as beta testers. Edit2: Story's not over yet. Got another problem now: the keys F10, 0, P, L, "," and Alt Gr are always shining in a dimmed green light, when they should just be off, no matter if customized or even after complete reset. Hardware issue? Pull-down resistor defect?! Very annoying...
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