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  1. i like the red lights on my Ventus x too^^ i think if i had a RGB, i would only choose the redlight^^
  2. You had the IRIS RGB? nice. How it is? how is the handling and wish color do u prefer for the lieght? can u edit the lights?
  3. I never played PUBG too, but I'm interessted in Fortnite, it looks like this is the same. Imn using a Poseidon Z ans my Ventus x^^
  4. That's unlucky, that you don't find him later. On your Fanpage? can u give us the link?^^ no which mouse do you mean??
  5. really? that's really cool. yes pls upload the pictures as fast as you can^^
  6. Ohh pls show us some pictures from the IEM please. no sorry i have the Shock 3D, buts its awesome^^
  7. Makros are really nice, ok i think i have to set up my pc new at the weekend xD
  8. If u have a mice or keyboard for this, u can record the clicks. so u can see how many time u type or click. I installed it few month ago, but i dont check the clicks after a game xD
  9. well that's right. For this i have a hotkey to mute my sound in TS^^ But good Sound quality is important^^
  10. i mean next to not in TS. In TS it#s would be bad, if u can't hear your mates xD
  11. I want to test the Black FP mouse, it has a Fingerprint Security^^, with this mouse you should login passwordless in webpages and so on^^
  12. i think, it's from different from Gamer to Gamer, because eveybody has a diffrent head and pair of ear and everyone is different sensitive. the best is, you have someone with this Headset to test ist^^
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