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Everything posted by Semp3r

  1. Congratulation beni I wanna show you my Setup with my nice Gear from TT ^^
  2. Is the House looking nice? I was not there yet. But why u don't take your gear with you?^^ But i feel with you, if i visit my family, i can only take my ISURUS Pro with me. i have there no PC xD
  3. Yeah your right, the Dasher Mousepad is Awesome, i love it so much, it's smooth and stay still on his place on my desk. other Mousepad's are wander on my desk if i play.^^
  4. Yeah Rastaread, I'm glad to hear this. i can't wait for your Video and reactions. My friends were envious about my new Gear. so enjoy the new feeling of gamin Rastaread and Beni^^
  5. Yeah i want this Info's too^^ Enjoy the new feeling of your gear and share your experience with us
  6. At first congratulations for the win^^ Which gear from TT are you using? I think i should take my gear with me, if i go to the Meltdown in my city^^
  7. Yeah that's sounds great. I try to get out of Gold Elo with my Ventus X^^ With this great Gear it's possible i Think
  8. Thanks Johny. Ablink, that's would be great. Guide through the Gaminghouse and than Unboxing TTe-Gear. Have u seen the new Gaming Chair (GT FIT)? It's looks nice like the other Gears from TTe. It's worth considering to buy it^^ ( I wanted to buy a new chair to my Birthday^^)
  9. these two were so cute in this movie^^ I know this feeling of unboxing stuff. I was feeling like Christmas eve once i was a child (Yeah i mean little Semp3r^^). I did'nt wanted to be home If we all meet us in the Gaminghouse maybe someone from us has buy a new Gear from TT and we can make an Unboxingvideo all together
  10. yeah everybody bring his own TT Gear and so we can all test the Gear from each other^^
  11. yeah so chilled, like Holidays^^ I try to be there this year with my gear and than we make a TTe-gear-Party^^
  12. If you want, u can test my Isurus Pro, its cool, you can use it as normal Headset and can remove the mic to use it as a Headset for your smartphone :3 that's the point why i take it with me when i go to work^^
  13. Same hear, i was by a frined and i can't play with his normal gear xD and at work i use my TT Isurus Pro because it's awesome and better than my Headpgone on work. So i'll bring my gear too^^ and we can try each others.
  14. yeah it will be awesome in the GH with likeminded poeple like us^^ 24/7 Gaming with friends and TTe-Gear, so Ablink can try some nice stuff^^
  15. Yeah, if i com to visit i bring my gear so you can test it^^ like Ventus x, poseidon z or shock 3d headset, it's all awesome so you can try it and than buy it^^
  16. only some of my friends are gamer and some of them are buying other stuff but im on the way to bring them to the good sight^^ no i only try this one and fall in love with her but i've some other gear from TT, like my poseidon z keyboard^^ before i use only the Keyboards from noname companies or standard Keyboards from the PC and i love my Poseidon Z, That is the best Keyboard i ever had.
  17. It's lie Shakespear said:"Be or not to be"^^ right now i use the ventus X, i sa the Level10 in a video and it looks nice and it has different settings like height adjustment^^ Maybe i buy it to christmas for me. Yeah buy the Ventus X buddy, it's awesome and tottaly worth to buy^^
  18. Hello, im now using the Ventus-X from TT and it's awesome. i have great handling with her and the red lights are cool, with the Dragon in the Honeycomb it's an eyecatcher. I think u can confirm it, that's the DPI-Changer and the macrokeys are cool^^ I love this mouse, in my firt game i get a tripplekill as a supporter (in League of Legends). AblinK u must test this mouse.
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