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Everything posted by Lew

  1. Love the case, i have rebuilt it and changed it out a few times now. Working on a p5 as we speak...
  2. interesting, seems full illumination (granted what it looks like threw the camera vs live, also the white fluid) max length of tubing before serious loss in illumiation?? both are straight runs, what about curves thermaltake, how much light will you loose over length when you add turns in the hard tubing?
  3. has to have splitters included, the controller shows to have 4 outputs same as the RIING fan controller and the kit comes with 8 fittings. And here is another question though, Is it the same as the fan controller just different labeling for the buttons, can you run the RIING fans and RIING fittings off the same controller so you can match the colors of the fans with the led fittings. I currently have 2 (thinking of expanding to 3) different color zones. Lastly, when is thermaltake going to offer the controllers for sale separately, I have the water 3.0 rgb system. If i send the entire unit back as they requested, the computer will be nonfunctional until it is replaced, id rather buy a new controller, considering i am upgrading to a custom loop and reusing the fans (buying their d5 pump combo, fitings, tubes, bending kit, another 3 pack of RIING RGB fans and radiators) that is now an option but i would have to buy new fans for the new 240 rad and wait for the return/exchange process. id rather buy another controller.. oh yeah, i love the RIING rgb fans....
  4. Anyone use this yet, pics, vids? id love to see just how well the the tubing carries the light, how bends affect. This looks awsome but id love to see how it actually works and looks in a system vs the advertising pics and graphics on the site.....
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