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  1. hi i have another problem of the hardware EQ button. It will stop working after standby few hours. I have to re plugin the USB cable for it to work again. However the +/- Volume and 3D 7.1 button are working fine even after long hours of standby. I am thinking it probably the software issue. Hope that the team could update the software to fix it soon.
  2. Hi i just bought this headphone but i would like to know how to off the mic tip red led ?
  3. With the new software update how do i use function Instant Shift Sys ? i have tried so many method but it just wont shift my macro to next profile.
  4. Dear Admin, Thanks i will try it. However may i know what is AP ? Regards
  5. Dear Admin, Yes. I have been using this keyboard and creating few macros / light profiles. Problem is when there is new software version installation it will remove all my macro script and lighting profiles. So i need to save them before install new version but the program never let me save profile and macro script at all. It will freeze at the saving dialogue windows. as u can see above i keep spamming the Save button but it never let me save just freeze there. Same problem for saving light profiles. Maybe is the program bugs ?
  6. Dear Admin, The link u have given me i have tried both and it still version 1.0.0 nothing new for the program at all and i still have difficulty saving my custom profiles and Macros. Regards,
  7. Dear Admin, Thanks but i have installed version 1.4 but the problem is it always show version 1.0.0 in About. I even removed old version and re download the link u provided, after installed it still showing version 1.0.0 ? It is so weird, any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  8. since start until now i couldn't save my customs light and macro profiles. Every time i updated keyboard software i have to reset everything again. When i click Save Profile there is Windows Dialogue showing but when i click save it nothing happen. It is the same problem as saving customs Macro, it wont let me save at all. I using Windows 10 64bit version.
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