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  1. Shame on you Thermaltake, im done with you. What the #### are you doing with your customers? Now the #### draconem page downloads a freaking command center thats wont let me manage my pad. Will buy a freaking FIREFLY, your customer support is the worst in industry. You dont respect us.
  2. Just arrived! Wonderful pad, perfect tracking, but common Thermaltake, what software is this? Are you kidding us? Worst software ever seen!
  3. you guys should update the product page with this driver...many users dont know there are new drivers out.
  4. Didi you connected the plugs in the right ports? Try using your sound managment software, on the recording devices tab, and see if there is any signal flowing through.
  5. yes, unfurnatelly tt team dont seen to care with customers...why do they keep this forum online if our awsers will not be anwsered? Seen like they dont need us, the consumers...
  6. offline, please reupload (warning before someone try to download, and be unable to).
  7. Guys, dont know 'bout you guys, but i needed a watercooler solution for my Level 10 case (original one, if anyone wonder). So i bought the amazing Corsair H45, small but powerful solution. I'm posting this to help someone who eventually try to do the same but does not know which aio watercooler to get. It fits perfectly, it looks like it was made to be put in there lol!
  8. Maybe you got a bad unit, thats the only reasonable explanation...no one else is having such issues. Maybe some faulty component in the mouse itself.
  9. No problem here too, win10 and 1.0236...
  10. Hi my friend, i have this case, how can i help you? Do you need the dimensios of the locking system? is that it? Sorry my english too, i'm from Brazil lol
  11. I didnt have any major issue with mine (i think its been already 2 years or more of use), besides a dead left click (i repaired it with a japanese onrom switch), so its keeping it up to this point, love the ergonomics...its sad to see issues not getting a definitive solution for you guys, i think Tt should take some action, and deliver all the issues resolved.
  12. On Level 10M box it says RGB, but in software there is only 8 colors to choose. Is it full RGB, or just 8 color selective? If it is full RGB, why not let the user enter the desired color by themselves instead choose only 8 colors? Thats a requested feature for future softwares updates for sure.
  13. You guys should list this software under the level 10m site as a beta...just saying, i didnt even know there was a new software out.
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