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  1. Martin, thank you so much for the in-depth information. That is every detail and more that I needed to know. Now the c21 is a 110% definite buy for me as soon as it is released online for me to purchase. I appreciate the feedback and I look forward to purchasing this case and many other products for my build in the future from you guys!
  2. Okay ! Thank you very much for the response Mike. I also had a couple of other questions for you if you didn't mind. I love this case, its absolutely gorgeous and I have went over the specs on the informational page about it. Does this chassis, for a mid tower, have comfortable spacious room for upgrades if I decide to change up parts later on down the line? Also I notice from the images a water cooling system is set in place for demonstration purposes. Does this case require a liquid cooling set up or can it specifically be fan cooled. I apologize in advance for questions that I should already know. I am an extreme novice as I havent completed any builds yet. Thanks again Mike!
  3. Thanks for the response. I live on the east coast of the US and I was trying to find it anywhere that would provide it online, seeing as no tech store carries thermaltake products anywhere near me.
  4. I am a newcomer to these forums and thermaltake products in general. I have recently gathered the money to begin my pc build and I must have this case. Why are certain products so hard to find though? I cannot seem to find any legitimate website that sells a majority of the products listed on the official website, this case in particular. Am I not digging deep enough, or are certain products only sold in retail stores? I appreciate any form of feedback as to where I can find this beauty.
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