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    Phishies got a reaction from L3p in MFC 2 VOTING   
    I look at most of these builds and think: where is the resemblance to the P90 case in any shape or form? Albeit they are very cool looking but are they truly mods of the original case? I tend to think not. Maybe I am wrong in my thinking what a mod should be. 
    Peter Brands FTW...good luck Peter.
    BTW a very awesome build by Jesse too...
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    Phishies got a reaction from L3p in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Cheers Peter, spot on in my opinion. You've got my vote. Echoing LiquidAtor, very underappreciated in voting. People are missing the bus here. 
    Here's to the votes rolling in...
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    Phishies reacted to Aramus in MFC 2 VOTING   
    you have completely wasted your time on a rant you have little understanding of.  the voting is to get the audience involved only so they have their own pick. who they chose and why they choose them is completely none of your business. some here even voted for a build that is not even finished for reasons that are their own. the vote count has little value and the winner is still determined by the Judges who are going to be other modders and sponsors. so sit down, free your nipples and relax.
    go peter brands!
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    Phishies reacted to LiquidAtoR in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Underappreciated in the voting process, but you have my vote!
    That's a nice piece of work, and I wouldn't mind having that on my desk

    Good luck,
    Cheers, Mike.
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    Phishies got a reaction from L3p in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Looking good Peter. I'm rather enjoying your build over the others and here is why. You are actually modifying the stock case into a different configuration instead of creating some weird awful monster case that in no way resembles the original P90. Looking forward to seeing the end result. (btw white liquid imo)
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