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  1. You should not be able to lose this Alex 😘
  2. Thanks guys, really appreciate it
  3. Thanks a lot guys! Appreciate it!
  4. Finally! I have to admit these were some stress full weeks to meet the deadline .. but I did it! As some of you know I'm a 'slow' modder and like to take my time to figure things out. However I'm really happy with the result, I hope you like 'L3p C0re' too! (all images are clickable) A huge thanks goes out to Thermaltake and the sponsors for supporting modders worldwide! And off course every one here for watching. Keep on modding!
  5. So .. Just filling this post to go to next page to save some people from loading times
  6. My thoughts are with you both buddy, hope she gets well soon!
  7. Three days to go, such a tight schedule, always exciting to see if the hardware survived through the 'process' So happy to see the bios at first boot Now to install OS and turn off rainbow effects. And then ... hopefully final pics!
  8. Almost there! Some extra protection for the glass panels. Like a charm Still had the panel scews from a previous project and wanted the same look on the top as the front. Had to re-drill and tap the mounts to M5 At first I had the idea to mount all cables and controllers on the back outside. Even though we're at a deadline I decided to change it completely and hide all cables inside too. And while I'm at it .. sleeve the pump cables too. So had to dismount everything to be able to change the fans and their wiring. And it's back inside. Now to hide all this. All fans and RGB connectors hidden, Now just the power cables. Decided to create some more construction/stability on the bottom of the case in case it ever needs to be shipped. And more cable-hiding possibilities. Seriously hate these splinters And there we go, exactly as I wanted it. Time to fill it up!
  9. Thanks, really appreciated I have to say, with contests my goal never is to win anything but just create something I would want on (or as) a desk. I'm actually quite a slow modder because of family and work go first and that I always need things in my hands before I can do anything, Also because of the contest rules like updating every week AND have it finished by the 22nd of February (incl final photoshoot) I completely changed my original idea. First idea was to make a benchtable. So with the limited time for the build and buildlog I went for something any one could actually make without adding extra weird / custom fabricated parts. Just a drill, grinder and jigsaw. And fun thing is .. even I don't know what the result will be in 9 days. Just go with the flow! So .. still figuring out how to hide all the cables with this open design Also decided to re-use the original glas panels, however I will shorten the steel poles from 190mm to 95mm so the glas panels will have a 2mm spacing. Inception! As time is limited and I didn't want to do it by handsaw used the grinder at work. Love sparks!
  10. Also the pumps arrived! So much measuring, improvising and measuring again. And back to piping. Pressure testing What liquid should I use? Clear? White?
  11. Thanks all! Here we go again filing and sanding all sharp cuts And painting them again in same color Time to figure out the rest And figuring out the loop Mounting the GPU to the case
  12. And here we go again. More parts arrived. After a lot of brainstorming my whole idea changed for this case. Going for something more compact then the original with just parts from the original. A lot of measuring. And some changes needed First drilling and sawing can start Behold ... 13 million splinters
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