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  1. Looks awesome really like the gears of war theme
  2. Little more progress on my core x71 build.
  3. Awesome build man. Hope my Tuf Inside - Pro Crew build turns out as nice as that. Did you make an entirely new front panel ? I was looking at building a complete new one for a custom upper hdd cabinet for the top of the case, just not too sure if I want to go about building it, the front panel is the biggest thing holding me back from building it.
  4. Getting there guys, finally got my LED glowing plates all setup.
  5. sure I'm doing the same. I have my PSU in the bottom and plans for 2 slim rads to have a bit more air flow over thick rads. I'm doing a 360mm and a 240mm rads in the bottom I'm using the other fan mount that came with the case ( those 4 rails ) My only beef with them is they're pre-drilled for those mounts don't fit at all and have to drill new ones so it'll fit nice and solid, also going to sound dampening the entire case get rid of all the fan hum the best I can.
  6. Sweet builds guys, hope my core x71 turns out as sweet as all your builds, will post it soon as all my parts arrive
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