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  1. Dear Thermaltake, good afternoon. I have a Thermaltake Armor Revo case. When I turned it on this morning, I noticed that the LEDs of the 2 200mm fans stopped turning on. The propellers continue to spin, but the blue LEDs do not turn on anymore. I reseated the cables according to the manual, as well as the docking switches. The other fans that are plugged directly into the motherboard are running normally and with their LEDs on. This way I can not tell if the fault is in the controller board where the "FAN LED" button is located or if they are in the two FANS themselves. Awaiting return. Thank you.
  2. Good Evening! Same Problem here!!! I had contacted TT support already! Waiting the response. Did you solve your problem?
  3. Good Morning. I was searching the Thermaltake Commander FT user's Manual but i didn't find it. So, if you guys can help me with a simple question about the Fan Controller, I will really appreciate it. The Thermaltake Commander FT can control Turn on-off FAN LED? Thank You for the help and sorry for the english! I'm speak Portuguese.
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