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  1. Hard drive cages needed some craft knifing and some dremmel. Originally I was going to use the black ice stealth up top but the screw holes were stripped on one side. Ditched it for a larger alpha cool. Tried to pipe the two cars just with fittings, which was a goldy locks situation... none of the tubing legths I was cutting was just right. Switched to the crossfire block. Made a mistake by going into a recessed port on the block, so it leaked at first. The top grill of the case needed some sheet metal shears for the plug now present from the new alpha cool rad. Everything else was a piece of cake. lol. All fans (except for rear exhaust Tt) corsair sp hp. all watercooling blocks ek, pump/res as well. Cards are msi 390x. build took me so long the cards are now outdated. lol. that's life I guess. Front rad is an XSPC. Case is Tt v51. psu evga 1300 backside plate for cpu from ek needed some modding. the screws from the cpu holder on the mobo didn't clear, fit in the holes. I drilled them out, and then counter sunk / deburred the holes using a bit. I had forgotten to put the thermal pad in so did that at that time as well. The rear fan was also swapped to a Tt Thin fan w/red led. and i added an led light strip to the rear back on the bottom of the case. It helps the EK in the res show a little.
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