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  1. Nice to be the part of TT modding gaming family, see you!
  2. I was always inspired by theme of space and science fiction. Waiting Mass Effect: Andromeda, I put all my powers to make PC project "space module Tempest" for CASEMODE. Everyone play games! As a tech part I shift case: front panel of Thermaltake Core X5 become top panel, and everyone can see double-LCS through big glass. Thanks Thermaltake for that opportunity and tech en experience!
  3. I am happy to be the part of TT Casemod event, because it's real challenge for true PC enthusiasts. And you know what? I happy to add my vision to worldwide TT trend of modding. I want people play good games on good PC and this is most simple and real: play good games with good music. Going to make final photos of Project Godlike_TempesT, hope you guys enjoy it. Rock!
  4. waking up after new year holidays like here are new photos of work process:
  5. Guys, I wanna share with you an interview with me about CASEMOD event and modding in Russia. There are english subs here. Will be back soon, thanks for support!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X79dnBEB7uI
  6. Guys, did you know that Tt Pacific VGA waterblock 10x series is so sexy?
  7. Somtimes I feel doubt and the burden of responsibility But then, you know what? I tell to myself: «I can do it, and I'll do my best! Let's Rock!» Like with real crazy Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W!
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