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  1. Greetings I'm looking to do my next rebuild of the Mistress, named by my wife, in a WP100. I'm looking to put 3 140mmx560mm radiators into the P100 section. I can't find good dimensional information for the P100 to determine what thickness radiators it will support. I would be using the 2 side fan brackets to mount fans to, with the two radiators mounted to them, and fans mounted to the bottom of the case, with radiator mounted on top of them. This assuming the P100 goes on the bottom. I'm also considering putting the P100 on top, along with the bottom radiator moving to the top of the P100. I'm only hesitant about putting the P100 on top because I have a top exhaust system now, that the cat loves to lay on. Which drives the temps up. But maybe with the addition of dual side venting, that is less of an issue. I'm planning to use the TT Riing 14 fans. For Radiators, the AlphaCool NexXxoS All Copper, either the 30mm, 45mm, 60mm, or the Monsta. So if someone has a P100, and could give me dimensions, I'd be grateful. Assuming I understand the mounting scheme correctly, I just need the distance from the interior sides of side fan mounting brackets, interior sides of the top and bottom, the interior side of the fan mounting bracket to top and bottom mounting holes, and finally the height of the lower mounting hole, on the side fan bracket, from the interior bottom of the case. Then it's just add up the stack up and watch an answer pop out. Also, I intend to leave the PSU in the W100 section. Regards
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