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  1. Hi, do you know if there is a particular reason that the macro keys are unasignable outside of gaming mode (for the red purple blue challenger prime keyboard)? Whilst working I find a need to compile in different ways, using these keys as shortcuts to the different methods. Even with setting up a gaming mode and mapping T6 to the windows key, (surely unnecessary) this doesn't work with combination presses (e.g. windows+e, windows+tab, etc). In any case apps such as the XBOX actually require windows + G to be pressed to use whilst gaming, and so even whilst gaming I would prefer this key to be active (although I do understand the reasons that some people do not). In any case, I see that an update has been provided for the other version of the keyboard to give the users the option, and I hope that it will be provided for this keyboard too. Regards, Primeman
  2. Unfortunately that has not been updated with the new software (the update should be from this year, those links are from 2015). The link: We've updated a new version of the software: http://www.ttesports...e.htm?a=a&g=ftr 1.FN + END : WINDOWS KEY ON/OFF 2.FN + NUM : FULL KEY LOCK ON/OFF for the other keyboard does not work with the red purple blue challenger prime. Would appreciate if the link for the rpb keyboard could be updated with the driver update. Many thanks.
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