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  1. Thermaltake support got back to be quickly and suggested I RMA the upgrade kit. Rather than packing it back up and shipping it back I figured I'd give a minor case mod a shot. Bought a 6-32 bit/tap ($5) from a hardware store and added threads to the existing case holes that matched the side panel. Didn't need the drill bit, it was already the right size, only needed to add the threads. Worked like a charm!
  2. Ordered one of the F51 tempered glass upgrade kits and it arrived today. The glass was in one piece and fit into the side of the case nicely. Unfortunately, the holes on the rear edge of the window did not line-up with the holes on the case! There are holes on the case located where the holes on the tempered glass version, but they are not tapped/threaded to accept the thumb screws. So, looks like I'm going to need to buy a tap to make it right.
  3. This would be a really great addition. I'm using the Riing Premium fans on my graphics card radiators mostly for the looks, but having them speed-up as the GPU gets warmer would be great. I'd ideally like to have independent fan curves for each of the two fans/GPUs.
  4. Tonight I turned the computer back on, after sitting off overnight, and the fans are showing RPM and reacting to color changes. No idea what might have caused this change, but they seem to be working again.
  5. With the recent release of the Suppressor F31 Tempered Glass (and upgrade kit), is there any plan to release something similar for the F51 chassis? I'd love to upgrade my current case without having to buy a whole new case.
  6. I just finished building a new system and have installed 3x Riing 12 RGB TT Premium and 3x Riing 14 RGB TT Premium fans. Love the fans... great color intensity and quiet in silent mode. Unfortunately the software appears to have stopped recognizing the controllers/fans. Controllers are set to 1 and 2 via the switches and both are connected to a USB2.0 header via the double-micro USB cable provided in the kit. Software is version 1.0.2 running on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit). When I first started-up everything was working fine; fan RPM was being displayed and I was able to set the colors, change fan modes, etc. The next day (computer was powered-down/restarted several times in-between) the software no longer shows fan RPM and they do not change colors or fan modes. I've checked all of the connections, tried using a different USB header on the motherboard, etc... without any luck. Using some diagnostics on the motherboard it shows that two devices are plugged into the USB header, so it doesn't seem like a wiring/connection issue... seems more like a software connectivity issue. My build: MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard Intel i7-6850k Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate Cooler EVGA SuperNOVA T2 1000W PSU Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Case Fans were purchased directly from TT Premium on 12/24/16 (shipped 12/28/16) I'm also concerned about what happens to the PWM performance of the fans if the software/controllers aren't talking to each other. If the fans were in Silent/PWM mode and the temps increase will the fans respond with PWM? I don't like the idea that a software issue could cause a hardware failure if the fans fail to respond to increased temps while set in PWM mode.
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