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  1. if you are going for a single gpu i dont see a problem but if you ever plan on going sli i would consider watercooling gpus. Considering how close they are could see heating issues. I have a p3 build on my wall actually wished i went with a p5 now looking at it >.<
  2. nice very clean do you actually use the glass on the front opted to just leave mine off on my build :x
  3. they are suppose to fit any fitting that is g1/4 but i have an issue with that or maybe personal error as i stripped the threads on my outlet port on the pump i just bought. As for the 3rd question you can still run it on a single loop i think the real question would be how big of a radiator/pump you need. I went with the biggest radiator my case (p3 case by thermaltake) could fit which was a 420mm radiator. pump > gpu sli > cpu > radiator.
  4. i suggest you look at EK full waterblocks i think they are the only ones that make what you are looking for just make sure to check the compatibility to match the card you have. Hard tubing/Soft tubing is personal reference Soft tubing is easier to work with. Hard tubing is okay with a little practice and the right tools but looks a lot nicer when done correctly.
  5. Hello all, So heres what is going on bought a PR22-D5 for my new water loop upon installing my fittings some reason they go in tight both in and outlets. Inlet i had to force thread my fitting in turned out fine did the same thing to the outlet but it striped the first thread. Now can i get a replacement part for the outlet? I do not mind paying for it since i did strip the threads.
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