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  1. Thanks for responding. I attached a picture. Its funny, about 3 hours before you responded I took matters into my own hands and drilled two holes into the case to create a new attachment point so the radiator didn't sit at a crazy angle. I guess I really wasn't going to completely dismantle my computer just to RMA a case I only paid $45 for on Amazon. In my pic I am showing the one side of the case has the correct mounting points. On the other side of the case a slot is missing. I spent literally hours trying all the slots and there was no possible way that that I missed a mounting point. There is literally some sort of defect that whatever assembly line cut these things missed a slot. The way the radiator is mounted in the pic posted above is impossible on my case
  2. Yes, the documentation does say so, it's why I bought this particular case. However, it's impossible to move them to that particular width because the holes to insert the rails into for 280mm are completely missing on one side of the case. So I have the rails inserted into the correct holes on one side and on the other side that it's missing I have it into the 240mm width holes which makes the radiator sit at an angle. And it prevents me from mounting a 140mm fan on the second set of rails since the radiator is going at an angle.
  3. I built a system into a Core V21 case a while back. The specs say a 280mm radiator will fit in the top of the case in the default config. I attempted to put a Corsair h115i GTX into it but there isn't a mounting slot for the rails to go to that width. I tried every possible config to get the rails to fit that width. It's like its missing a slot for the rails to go into for a 280mm radiator. Ultimately they are stuck into the wrong slots so the radiator is going in a a bit of an angle and looks terrible. Consequently I can't add any fans on the second set of rails at the top of how it's sitting in place. Just wondering if I got a defective case or something. As there seems to be no normal way to mount a 280mm unit at the top. Been living with it like this for a couple months and I'm getting fed up with it. Any ideas on what is going wrong here?
  4. Awesome. Thank you One other question, I can't tell from the picture. It if a 280mm rad is mounted at the top, will that prevent a 120mm fan being in the rear or 140mm fan being in the side?
  5. Hi, Looking at purchasing the V21 m-atx case. Can this case support a 280mm radiator at the top of it on the default configuration that it comes in? Thanks
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