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  1. No, only started happening since I got this keyboard
  2. I thought I made it clear but it's not a hardware issue. The keyboard is fine, it's something since getting the keyboard has changed something on my computer. I plugged another keyboard in and the issue persisted.
  3. I know how to do that, but what about the storage on the keyboard itself? After doing up to step 5, my previous keyboard lighting configuration comes on, which tells me that the information for it is still being stored somewhere. How can I wipe this data, because the issue still persists?
  4. I've sent 3 messages to them and have heard nothing back... You have no idea how frustrating this is becoming. I know it's not an issue with the software, and it's not the hardware. It has to be something that I've configured. Can you please tell me how to COMPLETELY RESET all the data for the keyboard. The data stored on the keyboard and off (if there is any stored off of the data). Please. A full reset. That will fix it.
  5. I haven't touched the macros, only lighting. We've already confirmed it was a software issues though. It happens when I have the windows key disabled and enabled. I use the button occasionally when playing games, but the issue is always there.
  6. I am still having this issue after having installed the new software as shown in the attached image. Can you please help me? I have had this issue for so long now...
  7. I already did this... My current firmware version is 51, but I did it anyway and it caused no change. I haven't set up ANY macros. That isn't what the issue is. What I want to know is how to reset all of the keyboard's memory because we concluded it was NOT a hardware issue.
  8. I created a thread about an issue with my keyboard and you said this new software would fix it. I've installed and it currently isn't fixed. How can I reset my keyboard's memory?
  9. I plugged it into a different computer and it worked normally, so that indicates that it's a software issue.
  10. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this? Resetting the keyboard? I'm not sure how
  11. So I bought the Poseidon Z RBG and it's been great so far, however I've found an issue. For some reason whenever I press the '@' key (Shift+2), it prints out ' " ', and if I hit the ' " ' key (Shift + '), it prints out '@'. This happens with a couple of other keys, such as Shift+3 prints out '£' instead of '#', and pressing the key above enter (I can't press it because it prints out the wrong key), it prints #. I can't remember if it did this when I first got the keyboard (I don't think it did), but I'm not sure how to fix it. I've tried resetting the keyboard with Fn+Esc in the Poseidon Z software but it didn't seem to work. I read somewhere about making sure you're on the right language because if you select the UK keyboard when installing the software with a US keyboard it can cause some issues. I reinstalled the software and set "English" as the language but it didn't change anything. Maybe there's some other way to define my keyboard as US, I'm not sure. Any help is appreciated!
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