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  1. Hi ThermalMike, I do have a TT 200mm fan (blue LED) installed at the top of the case connected to the fan controller. I have now disconnected it based on your feedback and the lights do indeed switch real-time. If I were to get the colorshift fan, would it work with the controller or will I run into the same problem? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I recently purchased the Chaser MK-1 case and moved all my internals over. Love the case in general but I'm a little confused by the Fan LED button. From what I can tell, while the system is running, it cannot change the fan LED settings. However, it does seem to take effect after power down / up. If I do not press the fan LED button, the whatever the previous setting was maintains and if I press it and then power cycle the system, it takes effect during the next power up. My question is, is this the intended behavior? If it is not, any suggestions on how I can go about fixing it? Thanks for any help.
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