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  1. Don't worry, I managed to fix the keyboard by uninstalling the new software, installing the old one and repeating the steps. Works fine now.
  2. I have an issue with the new software. Everything was working fine until I decided to run the update that you linked as "direct firmware download". The keyboard started glitching badly and most of the new software's functions are gone. The firmware got "updated" from 0 to 40 and now the new update barely works. -static: can't change spectrum circling's speed -reactive: works fine. -arrow flow: can't change colors and it'll be set at a really slow speed for some reason. Resetting the keyboard fixes this -wave: can only change speed and direction. Presents don't work at all -ripple: same th
  3. Hello. I bought this keyboard around a month ago and so far I've been liking it a lot. Although the switches are made by Kailh which I didn't know (the page says they're tt esports switches) so far I haven't really noticed a difference since it's my first time trying brown switches. I do have to say I expected them to be clickier, but them being so quiet is also nice. I have had, however, a few problems with the software and function keys: Software related:I've used 3 versions of the software thus far. Firmware 48: -fully lighted: works well but the medium speediness for both pulse a
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