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  1. This is my rig, PSU has since been replaced ofcourse. although im liquid cooled i noticed my temps to be a little higher with that config + a long GPU when i was on air, if you have room in your case Tt doesn't announce that top spot on the back as an available fan bay but you can bolt in a 120 as an extra exhaust. IF it clears your motherboard, etc ofcourse! Happy gaming!
  2. any advice in this scenario? pretty sure the CX600 might be part of the problem but i tried single card lastnight still hitting 88C+, Mind you when this happened fans on both the crossfire config, and the single gpu (second card pulled from case) were at 100% with a box fan blowing air towards the motherboard right on the GPU's. i've noticed no matter what i do these cards get extrememly hot.
  3. Yeah it has, only problem im having now is GPU temps, temps are crazy high.
  4. Honestly I'm mind blown, It has held up since this post even with a 1045T overclock, it gets pretty warm after about an hour in BF4, but has never crashed on me! Don't mean to promote it here, giving the Thermaltake PSU's, But for a 600W this thing is one of the best bangs for your buck i've found out. Thanks Andy! Awesome to see that you guys at TT think its cool, I've put alot of time and money in this computer, crazy going from micro ATX and a HD6570 OEM too Full ATX and 7970 Crossfire, Case got real small real fast, but ive made it work lol.
  5. Thanks! Just curious what others think! Sweet case for the money
  6. Just a little toss together, case is too small but what gives i like it! Specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1045T @ 3.5Ghz Motherboard: AsRock 990FX Fatal1ty KILLER PSU: XFX Pro 850W Black Edition (PSU Pictured was only to last a few more days) Memory: 16GB Patriot Viper 3 1600 CL9 Graphics: 2x 7970 Double D in Crossfire HDD's: 2x WD Green 1TB 1x Toshiba 2TB (SSD Soon) Cooling: Antec H2O 620 Liquid Cooler (Push Pull) 6x Generic 120mm Blue LED fans Any feedback would be awesome! just want to see what people think of a high end rig in a case like this.
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