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  1. I allready replied to Jedson via PM, but hopefully can help some more: Hi Jedson, I actually got them working this afternoon! The mobo I use only has one USB 2.0 header. But as I wrote, everything else I conncted to it, like my Corsair AIO worked just fine. I then connected the fans to my old system, installed the software and everything worked. So I knew the hardware wasn't the problem. Installing it on the old system I noticed, that the TT-Software also installed "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) - 14.0.24215". And I was quite sure that it didn't do this on my newer system. So i checked if this was installed on the newer system and it was. And here comes the imo crucial part: was your antivirus blocking the installation of the TT-Software? Mine was and even though I reinstalled the TT-Software I never reinstalled the Microsoft Visual... software. So I uninstalled everything, both the TT-Software and the Microsoft one, turned of my antivirus, installed the TT-Software, which also installed the Microsoft Visual C++...and eventually it worked! I really hope this solves the problem for you aswell! Let me know! As a sidenote: nobody from TT responded to me on my ticket i wrote them on this site, the thread I posted on this forum or the german support - really a shame considering how much these #### things cost! @rdonlick3: I allready switched my hub to No. 2 before I read your post and before all the un- and reinstalling I described above. But simply switching from 1 to 2 didn't do it for me - maybe working for Jedson!
  2. I've contacted the TT support on this (the international?) page and wrote an email directly to the german support but didn't got an answer yet. It would be a shame if there isn't a solution to this problem, considering how much I paid for these fans... I will keep you updated if I hear from them!
  3. I bought the TT Riing Plus 12 LED RGB fans and installed them in my new system. They are spinning and lighting up, but in the software they are not detected. I can't select a Hub number in the upper left corner. The fans are shown as 0 rpm. The internal USB 2.0 header works fine with everything else i connect to it. The motherboard I use is the Asus Mamimus IX ROG Formula. Does anyone have an idea why this is?
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