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  1. Hey David, I am from germany. Appr 3 days ago I contacted the european support directly instead of through your website (support@thermaltake.de) but so far didnt get an answer. How long does it usually take to reply? Greetings Fabian
  2. Hey there, I've messaged the support before, but I didn't get an answer and since I saw some people being helped here I decided to submit my request again. For about 2 years I've owned my Poseidon Z with blue switches now and was really satisfied with its simplicity and its looks. But since some time more and more keys dont work properly anymore. The most annoying (and the worst one) is the "." (dot), which often either doesn't register or registers twice, but never does what it's supposed to do; return exactly one character. Same goes for other keys as well such as the "?" (questionmark
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