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  1. Yes, it does nothing. The mouse still has the same problem, it can't save 400DPI The real question is this; Why does nobody reply to the eRMA tickets/emails? That's some really awful customer support...
  2. Hello, Two times i've used the eRMA Service, heard nothing back. Also send an email to support@thermaltake.de, but again to no awail. Regards, Erfie
  3. Doesn't work either. I'm out of ideas, it seems that the firmware is somehow broke on my version.
  4. Hi, i do hit apply and ok in the Performance tab, as i can only hit Apply in the main window. Here's a video of what i do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njUXjZ9oQAQ
  5. Hi David, No luck with this one either. Things i've tried so far: Set profile 1-5 to the same settings. Uninstalled v1.0254. Installed V2.0000. Reboot after each install & uninstall. Ran both v1.0254 & V2 as admin. Tried compatibility mode with Win 7 & 8 with both software versions. Edit: Tried v1.0254 & V2.0000 on Win 7 home x64, but again to no avail. Why can't i save the DPI to the mouse? Am i doing something wrong??
  6. Hi, Whenever i unplug or reboot it switches to a higher DPI, i have to hit the dpi button on top to switch back to 400. I've tried the new V1.0254 software, but it does not fix the DPI bug for me. I've disabled profile 2-5, 1 DPI level set to 400, All buttons are default, except for the DPI/Profile switcher, I'm running Win 10.
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