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  1. Hi there Well, i bought this keyboard since like a year ago. All time the keyboard works fine, until i think a 2 or maybe 3 months ago. First of all, the first problem what i see, was that the left-CTRL key did not respond well. But it wasn't such a huge problem, because i'll start to use the other CTRL key and all ok. After about a month, it start another problem, but.. this time i think what is a huge problem, because some keys made double tap or just did not response at all. The keys that usually do not answer me at all are.. "H" "U" "L" "M" and sometimes the "D". (So.. yeah, i wrote this and everytime i need to correct when do double tap.) And now, the right-CTRL keycap, was broke it the inside part where you put the switch in it. (anyway if you don't understand what i wanna mean, i take some photos.) I see that part of the other keycaps of another letters, and they are cut off by saying it somehow, but not at all, because they are still there in one piece. So.. i love the keyboard, i am a huge fan, i have a mouse, keyboard, mousepad, headset and if I had more money I would buy everything Thermaltake, but.. This disappoints me a little bit. And i don't know what i can do, i see on the keyboard box like a certified mechanical switch 5 year warranty, but I do not know if that helps me to help me with this problem or something. And im from Chile (that's the reason of my bad english, so i'm sorry) so i really really hope i can found a solution. Regards
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