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  1. No replys? Is there any TT support for the products they sell?
  2. I have a simple story, but sad . Motherboard: MSI X99 SLI Plus CPU: i7 5960x Mem: 32gb DDR4 VGA: 2 x EVGA 980TI SSD: 512Mb Hynix Radiator: 480mm EK Because everything is watercooled i bought 4 12 ring fans which came each of them with a controller. The TT controller can support for 3 fans maximum, so I decided to install 2 controllers, each controller with 2 fans. I connected the controllers on the motherboard with the supplied cable (5pin to 4pin) on the Sys FAN1 and Sys FAN2 ports on the MB. In bios, i cand boost the rpm to max on all fans, I cand reduce it to 500 rpm. I installed Windows 10, all the drivers that came with the MB and also the latest version of TT premium Ring software from Thermaltake website. The problem is that the TT Software won't show up the RPM or any connection between the fans. I have a software from MSI MB - Command Center. If i use this software I can see the rpm from the fans and can also control them up or down. Everytime I boot the PC the lights on the ring won't light up and I have to push the Mode button manually on the controller to light them up. This is very annoying and I tried all the things I could come up with and got fed up with this problem. I paid a lot of money on this fans and I think they are really good, but, I want a solution that will keep the fans lit up and also to contol the rpm. I tried connecting the controllers on different ports on the MB (Sys Fan3 and 4, also CPU fan 1 and CPu fan 2). The problem is the same. Please offer some support.
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