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  1. hey guys im not sure if am speaking to the right group or what am about to ask for can be done. but my question is this is there any chance you can make the Suppressor f31 PSU cover longer from one side to the other but with 3 brackets for ssd is this possible, if so let me know and on top of that cover the end so you don't have no wires showing if u cant make it end to end. I would appreciate any kind of information you can offer. thank you
  2. Ssix

    View 31 Face

    ####! I agree with you 100% and put some kind of cover so you wont see so many holes inside the case or fill all those holes with some kind of rubber grommets and make the ssd brackets more secure like with a screw to hold down tight. because the ssd's are light and when you plug the sata cables into it the drive it pops right off out of place and not everybody can afford cable mods. And your right the PSU cover needs to be a lot longer at least from end to end or just enough to cover the cables and maybe adding a fan splitter to the case.
  3. Ssix

    View 31 TG RGB

    Hey guys since we are all interested in the View 31 case, my question to you how can I go about getting the F31 Suppressor Panel the side the covers the wires so I can purchase one for my View 31 Case because I heard straight from Thermaltake that it would fit my case but I cannot find just that one item anywhere not even on your site. any information you can offer would be very helpful. Thank you
  4. Ssix

    View 31 TG RGB

    Try amazon that is where I got mine from, I hope this was helpful.
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