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  1. The Riing Plus RGB Software, that is listed on the Fans page.. is downloading as a .RAR file Come onn TT !
  2. I would have thought you would get the ones shown in the video for the case.. which is clearly Riing Plus Premium fans, but no they are the standard Ring RGB's.
  3. I see Thermaltake putting much more effort into cases lately, but the feel is flimsy. people want bullet proof. stuff thats not going to break with regular building techniques. Sorry to hear you were having issues.. i know from experience two of the thumbscrews on the TG viewing side are misaligned, but work. one feels like it will break if i tighten all the way down, so i have to leave it a little loose.
  4. Straight from Newegg; Philip H. 12/21/2016 5:45:30 PM Ownership: Verified Owner Awesome Case / Rushed Manufacturing. This review is from: Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Tempered Glass Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Chassis CA-1H1-00F1WN-00 Pros: This makes a great display and is exactly the case I have been looking for. Much bigger than I expected. Love the smoked tempered glass, and the solid metal knobs are a nice touch. There is a lot of room for wiring, tubes, and much more. They even give your a free pezo-speaker when not even a motherboard comes with one. Magnetic removable vent-screens are nice, tho i would have preferred a more fine charcoal filer as I live in a very dusty climate. Cons: Very Much Rushed Manufacturing. Over half of the screws were either stripped, put in at an angle, or bent. I had to drill out 2 screws just to remove the back panel. Even though the manual had diagrams, it needs more information. It could be much better with explaining how the parts come off. The PSU mounting bracket could be closer to the back panel. There is about 1/2 inch gap. Other Thoughts: Be more careful when assembling the case. Use better quality screws. Improve manual and instructions.
  5. One of the biggest problems i read about on sites like Newegg, when looking at Thermaltake cases is, QC, Quality is very important to customers... but just as important to Thermaltake. Having Thumbscrew holes that dont line up properly, and break? Thats an RMA nightmare. ISO 9001:2015 Get this fixed... get paid !
  6. Thermaltake, (This is for you too ThermalMike) Been building PC's for many years, ####... been building PC's before many of you on the forums were born. I have seen companies like Thermaltake, come and go. The problem with some of those companies, and why they are not around.. Direction. They see opportunity to increase profit, so they expand into too many directions and spread themselves too thin. How does this happen ? See a market (Niche), and dive in to try and make more profit. While the niche is there, the company does not better this niche.. they build one offs, and market them, and then forget about them for the most part. Instead of building something.. listening to feedback, and improving on those. Herein, View 31. Great little case (mid). Can be so much better. Sheet metal is a little thin, Face is Acrylic(Really?), The right side front is build correctly.. but this is a Tempered Glass Case... make it Tempered Glass ! What im getting at is.. if you want the case to be a premium mid tower case.. then make it premium. Im sure a few of us would have shelled out $25-$50 more, for the other luxuries. How would Thermaltake do this ? Simple... Stop making so many different variants of mid tower cases.. last i checked you had over 50 of them... 50 ? Why ? Step up your game Thermaltake, make the cases that should be premium... a little more premium. Make less, but Better products....guarantee no one would be upset at buying better product. Add TT Premium RGB fans to premium cases. Add a premium AIO to a case at a reduced cost over buying them separately. Have a dedicated feedback and support system. If you dont have what the customer(majority) needs... they will go elsewhere. Its the little things.. the small niceties.. that make the BIG Difference. Take Control Thermaltake ! Take Direction !
  7. Yeah, you definitely need that psu cover, like those new Gigabyte boards.. im not a AMD fan though.. It looks nice, and will look a lot better once you get that plumbing in ! Let me know if you need help getting that cover.. i can order one and ship it to you from the states. My RMA'd memory to Taiwan cost me 14$ u.s. first class mail. So not too expensive to ship. Im adding a 7" Tablet to my case for all the temps and speeds and such.. just not in there yet. Also having some Star Wars images Laser etched on the glass.. coming soon.
  8. This would look nice in my View31 TG ! when will this be released ? Sizes ? With and without fans ? These are the questions your customers want to know !
  9. So DaddyBeee, Get your rig squared away.. fans ans all ?
  10. I see i have no reply for this topic, so i took it upon my self to find the right one, and that one is the. TT premium PCI-E 3.0 Extender, 300mm, or for us in the states.. 11.8 inches.. just the way she likes it... Fits like a glove and my girl couldnt be more happy !
  11. Thanks ThermalMike, I have some ideas Thermaltake can use(PM me and i will give you the one i think everyone will like). I have been liking Thermaltake a lot lately, and hope to purchase more for the start of my business.
  12. I purchased this, and it works good enough.. but hard to mount ssd's when your gpu is mounted vertically.
  13. Psycrow, Connect all Tt Riing fans to the one controller. Then the fan controller to any of the fan headers on the mobo. The headers are used for power only. Set just one controller box for your pc, as you can connect 3 fans to each controller. Red light is high fan speed, blue light is low fan speed. No need for the software, it is only for the Tt Premium Riing Plus 12 and 14 RGB fans, and will not work with the standard TT Riing RGB fans. Riing
  14. It is true what sontecuco says, the software only works with Tt Premium Riing Plus 12's and 14's. The software will not work with other Tt Riing fans.
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