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  1. hi there! Yeah the Pozeoidon Z Keyboard is the best keyboard what i ever used in my life, i can recommend it !!
  2. @frather the mini TT headset ISURUS PRO is really good , my favorite for sure !
  3. @frather And what do you think about Ventus X?? i think it's a best gamer mouse by far!
  4. Hi there! Just got home from a friendly LAN event, ofc i used the TT esport gear, was a really huge help to win the whole thing. thanks
  5. Hey When i play League the most important things is a good keyboard, and the Poseidon Z the best what i ever seen. Thanks.!
  6. Hello there, just got home from a lan event! I used my TT gear on LAN and it was awesome. Thanks<3
  7. Hi! Azures mini mouse is one of the best mouse i ever touched. It's really small and perfect for my hand. Thanks!
  8. Hi there! Since i use my Poseidon Z keyboard my gaming experience is much better than before! Thanks TT
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