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  1. Guys just wanted to say I've been dealing with the issue of Ryzen not working with the Riing Plus TT Premium software. I had been sent 2 separate controllers from thermaltake months ago and it never fixed the issue so I had just been waiting for a software update to fix the issue. On here last week I saw someone mention it was a hardware issue and thermaltake was shipping out new controllers so I decided to do an RMA and see for myself. I received my new controller today and can confirm, the new hardware is working with Ryzen now! Better late than never I suppose. If you have this issue, send in your RMA's now and explain you need a new version of the controller. Good luck to you all.
  2. Does this mean it's a controller issue and not a software issue? I'm running Ryzen and I just assumed I'd be waiting for a software update. They've already sent me 2 new controllers that did no good. If they are making completely new hardware to fix the problem I'm just wondering if I need to contact them again.
  3. Having the exact same issue. Called TT and even RMA'd the controller and usb cable, still getting the same issue. Ryzen R7 1700 B350 Tomahawk Arctic newest BIOS Windows 10 Pro
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