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  1. In April I finally received the replacement controllers from Thermaltake Australia. They also supplied the USB and Power cables. They looked identical to the original ones and there's no dates or anything to show date of manufacture. I hadn't had time to install them until today.... and they do not work on my Ryzen machine still, exactly the same result as with the old ones. Almost a year waiting for a Ryzen solution and it does not work. I suspect because it took them so long to get the apparent 'Ryzen-compatible' controllers in they just sent me the original standard ones to shut me up. Long story short, warranty is done so I give up on this issue. Good luck all, but my advice is whoever has a Ryzen and these Riing 14 Premium fans to get rid of them and try something else for your Ryzen Machine.
  2. Just an update on getting new controllers to fix this issue from Thermaltake Australia. The last communication I had from them was 3.5 months ago saying they were still waiting on stock. I sent them another inquiry today and we'll see how long they delay me this time. I guess they are thinking I will give up, but if they wanted that they should have approved the return of the product and not string me along waiting for this fix. At this point for me it's almost 1 year waiting for the fix and my warranty will be up soon without even using the product as intended :/.
  3. It is a controller issue on Ryzen and I have heard back from Thermaltake Australia yesterday telling me to send proof or purchase, serial no's etc to get the new controllers. So they must be ready and in stock, at least here in Australia. I will update again when I receive them to say whether they work properly. I have lost 6 months of warranty tho at this point so am not happy about that.
  4. Latest on this is that I was told in June that the controllers wouldn't be ready until July. I contacted them again earlier this month and they said it would be late July. Am going to contact them again today and see how far back they are pushing it again, lol.
  5. Hi, mine didn't work on my external 3.1 ports. I am using the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 X370 K7 board. Also if they did work on an external port I wouldn't personally want to use them that way. Also after TT Australia got back to me with the info about new controllers in June I messaged them about a refund and they told me I had to go to my retailer and can't get a refund straight from them :/ so back to square one on that. I don't want to risk these on my CPU cooler after all this drama. Also I see that some people that have got them working are complaining of errors in the PWM control.
  6. Yes would just take a minute for them to post about what the situation is and when a fix is expected :/
  7. They got back to me pretty fast. This is what they say: I don't think i'm going to wait but that is their response for those experiencing Ryzen Issues. Also using an external usb cable did not fix the issue for me as it was one of the things I initially did.
  8. Thanks again. I tried to phone them this morning and they advised me to send an email lol. We'll see if they respond.
  9. That's right the software will not work on most Ryzen systems. There is a fix apparently in the works however it has been over 2 months and no progress as yet.
  10. Hi, thanks for the info. So Thermaltake refunded you directly, i.e not through the retailer?
  11. I have a Ryzen system and the Riing software is definitely not compatible. I've been told by my supplier here in Australia that a fix is being worked on by TT, however judging by an earlier post its been at least 2 months that a fix has been in the works and has yet to come to fruition. I'm having difficulty getting a refund because technically there's nothing at fault with the product... Please fix this software or instruct your re-sellers to give us Ryzen users a refund/credit. I've been waiting 2 months now to finish my system off :/
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