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  1. So, not so proud owner of a DPS 1000 RGB and my first impressions were really bad. I have been using the version that got released 8 hours ago. 1. The RGB settings are not stored on the device. Since the software was bad altogether, I just wanted to save the settings and forget about the software altogether. But unlike how it is advertised, not all the settings are stored on the device (Only the fan speed seems to be stored, not the RGB color). Solution: Store all data on the device 2. Fan speed has three choices: Full speed is well, full speed. Silent is not really silent. Zero fan seems to not work as the fan wants to spin beyond 40 degrees, which is quite acceptable. Solution: A fan curve is absolutely necessary. If saving the fan curve is too much for the integrated memory on the device, at least a static fan speed while zero being really zero. 3. Irresponsive and bad UX flash based app: This doesn't really have to be the case... Things respond two seconds after pressing. Having to input password to logout. Login and Logout being on the same page and only being have to hover over them to actually understand the login state. Solution: Self explanatory.. 4. Getting forced to Login everytime: PC boots and baam, you should login because its awesome and two buttons to prompt out. Solution: Don't ask me again checkbox So this all might sound harsh but it comes from a software developer and sometimes this is what it takes for things to be fixed. So with a little research, DPS RGB lineup was released (Or at least prototyped) at CES 2016 and there were PLENTY of time for such things to be fixed. The hardware looks really really good so far but the software, as mentioned on the title, Horrendously bad which is not a good fit together. I would like to know if the RGB profile not being saved issue is software or hardware related so that I can decide if I should return the PSU. Sorry for being harsh, Thanks a lot.
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