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  1. What is the expected lifetime on these? You can probably see fuzz on the part i circled, being that i already removed the water/leak with a q-tip. I sent the pic only to show you where it is i'm talking about, so you could confirm if you guys grease these fittings or if it is in fact water... Aren't these supposed to be completely sealed? Amazon now sending me my third replacement. I can only hope that it doesn't leak. My entire build is around this AIO, without the radiator and the 3 fans, my p5 case will look empty and stupid...
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I received my replacement, and I have another question. Do you guys use grease or lube when attaching the tubes to the radiator? On both of them that attach, it's either leaking or something else. Also, the AIO always makes a loud swishing sound like there is air trapped, sometimes while running it will randomly make a swishing sound. Starting to worry about using this AIO for the sake of my computer down the road... Thanks for the help.
  3. Just purchased the Floe Riing 360, and right at the two seals on the water block has a leak. I have a replacement on the way, but is this something that typically happens with this brand? Should I take the chance and use this to cool my 7700k with the potential of another leak down the road even? Aren't these made to last for 5 years? Do you guys offer a warranty that covers my computer if it leaks and causes damage? I love the look of the AIO, but I'm so nervous I might have to buy the NZXT cooler instead. To confirm also, does this AIO mount using the 3 brackets you sell for the P5?
  4. Confirmed, I kept trying all the rear ports on my motherboard and it finally works. Thanks guys, at least it's working now. Might wanna put this fix under the sticky posts, seems to be a common issue for us Ryzen users.
  5. I've tried this, even with usb 3.0....cant seem to get this to work. Ryzen is pretty popular for thermaltake to be quiet about this. Its been months now with not even the slightest update or help from thermaltake. I guess the only option is a refund at this point....
  6. Just wondering if anyone has fixed the issue everyone is having with Ryzen compatibility? I know my controller cable is connected proper, I hear a connected tone from Windows. It also says USB device has been connected and ready for use. However, when I try to open the program. It is listed in my task manager, and the icon on the bottom right is showing. But beyond that, nothing happens. Program opens when I disconnect the controller cable, found this out from these forums. But of course it says nothing is connected. I've messaged the admins myself, waiting on a response. But anyone with more information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone for the time. - Frustrated Riing Plus 12 user
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