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  1. Sure, I have a 6hrs record from mining and I will post here some more photos even on idle ( not mining ). Hope you can help me, I bought the PSU 3 days ago... 6hrs export.CSV
  2. I understand but these card bearly take 380-410watt for mining and my 5v rail even in the idle stay at 5.19-5.20 is not about only in mining .... So what is wrong with the PSU? And I get this warning even in games with only one gpu the 970 GTX so....
  3. Hi. I have a problem with this error: I do not understand what is this and what can I do. My pc is for mining: i5 2400s cpu Thermaltake 700W 1x GPU: GTX 780 3gb 1x GPU: GTX 970 4gb Mobo: dh67bl 1x sata 1TB HDD The GTX 970 is on the MOBO directly The GTX 780 is with the riser , the riser is powered by a Sata cable where is the HDD powered with the same cable too. I hope I give the perfect details, I need some help. PS: the GPUs are runing on full load as you can see because I'm mining Ethereum. I'm getting this error only
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