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  1. This problem seems to have appeared after the firmware update. When the keyboard was just shipped, the firmware version was around 37, and I used it without problems. Could not you provide an older version of firmware file or update? or Could you tell me how to do factory reset? Some of my friends who use this keyboard are having the same problem. Of course, they also have this problem after the firmware update.
  2. Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Are there any other cases where you have been reported to this problem? And.. is there a link to previous version of software?
  3. Keyboard firmware, software are both latest version. Take attached file. Yeah. Anyway, I can use led customization, but it is veryyyyy difficult to modify certain keys in their previous state. Because, as we saw in the youtube, the previous state is not stored properly. I am using windows10 and expecting that the program does not work properly in this environment. I tried to run it after setting the compatibility option to windows7, but the problem still remains. Of course, I have tried rebooting dozens of times. I re-installed both firmware, software twice. But i couldn't fix that problem... Please do not say to reinstall the firmware or software.
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