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  1. Tt David I know this, but I think there is something else wrong with it, because it seems the red sensor at the bottom is working but the whole mouse is literally not working when I plug it in to any computer even a laptop the cursor on the screen just wont move after I had did that update incorrectly, I am going to go to someone and try to give it to a IT expert to see if he can do anything about it, its fine any way, I just wanted the RGB keyboard it cost $79 plus the mouse right?, I could give the illusion that I spent $79 just for the keybaord and its RGB which is fine for me! I feel like I got scammed from a low end price gaming keyboard and mouse combo; I dont know if I can just return the mouse or I have to return the keyboard to? so don't worry. I purchased a new mouse from your company only because the mouse has its own F****** software XD Tt eSPORTS Ventus Z RGB Gaming Mouse looking forward to that :).
  2. I had recently purchased the (Challenger Prime RGB Combo) I actually received it today as I am writing this (7/7/2017) when I had received it I got the keyboard and mouse, 1st I took it out and placed both my desk, then I started to download the software (CHALLENGER PRIME RGB KEYBOARD SOFTWARE VERSION 1.0) for the keyboard initially I thought the program would give me access to my mouse rgb lighting, but I was wrong, as it is located already on the mouse I know, but when I installed the next update which was (CHALLENGER PRIME RGB KEYBOARD FIRMWARE UPDATE 2.0) my windows said for it to restart, initially I had problems when I tried to install the update 2.0 it said "the device could not be found" then it said it was going to replace some files on the initial update 1.0 thats when I said "YES" and I proceeded with the restart after that restart my mouse LED RGB LIGHTING stoped and the only thing that seemed to work was the red sensor on the mouse but even when I plug it in to my usb ports it wont move or work; if anyone has this problem please help me
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