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  1. Hey here is one of the mods ending the Walking Dead ... a mod where I spent X3 more hours than the original AC. it represents days and nights working on it, almost sad to have finished: '( The goal was clearly to make a TWD mod the dirtiest, rusty and post apocalyptic possible. Really happy with the result it is completely in the optics that I had at the beginning ..... a mod has the dirty aspect with a good layer of Fun.
  2. Hello I'm still looking for the ideal colors but in the idea it's 90% finished. See you on 28/29 August https://youtu.be/-cxblscbrnI
  3. Unknown Brain - Perfect 10 (feat. Heather Sommer) [NCS Release] (1).mp4 Unknown Brain - Perfect 10 (feat. Heather Sommer) [NCS Release] (1).mp4
  4. hello all :) the water, sleeving Soon ;)
  5. hello, I'm just starting the internal part, as well as two three effects add ^^
  6. Hi, the top part to start For those who wonder ..... it's a fake watercooling circuit and it's all about finger
  7. Hello, today I pushed my SteamPunk / Post-Apocalyptic idea on the front of the View91
  8. Hello it's good the painting phase to start, a lot of work on it, but even more on the management of the cables.
  9. hello first try on styrodur caches that will be carved and painted to welcome our friend bat LUCIL I still need to define the different controllers and cable passage
  10. hello to all :) today I start to receive some pieces ... but especially the box that will allow me to start all the painting ... I give you the first details in a few days :)
  11. I have done a lot of work on the design of the tanks here is already an almost finished
  12. Hello friends I have already started several pieces. hope that the material arrive quickly
  13. hello how are you :p here is the very first image of the cache Pacific W4 plus
  14. Hello everyone , I am AxiomModding, very happy to be on the TT community with this famous Casemod2018. I publish mainly on social networks so I leave you the different links .... these will allow you to watch what I do too ^^ I do not have a great english, so correct me here it must ^^ Without further ado I leave you with the debut of the project that will be based on the theme Walking Dead or I will play a lot on the effects SyncAllSay "Hello, TT" Here is the cache that will be on the Pacific W4 Plus
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