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  1. Hi Guys! Yesterday i was a lan party with my friends and we played LoL 1VS1 and i win this! I used my TTE Gears and everyone being crazy when saw that stuff! With this a gears its easy to win! Thank you TTE!!!
  2. Hi guys! yesterday i was bought my Volos Gameing mouse. Im testing today and its been crazy! So comfortable and had a good DPI. If you want to buy the best Mouse for gameing choose this one! thank you TTE!!!
  3. Hi Guys! I want so say Thanks to thr TTE for makeing the best gears! I bought my Poseidon yesterday and its the best keyboard ever! Thank you TTE!!!
  4. Hi Guys! If you want to buy a good HeadSet choose the SHOCK 3D 7.1! I have this and it is very cool, the sounds so clear, comfortable, and looks like a beast! I just recommend it to you!
  5. Hi Guys! Yesterday i was a lan party with my friends, and i bring my TTE gears to the party, everyone just watching and told me that was awesome, where i can buy this Gears. We win the LAN and i think the TTE gears get more fan! Thank you TTE!
  6. Hi TTE Fans! I was unboxed my 7.1 Shock HS yesterday and its looks like a beast. Thats the best HS what i ever seen And buy! You must to try it! If you do please write a post here about your opinion!
  7. Hello Guys! Yesterday i was a lan party with my friends, we play LoL 1VS1 and I use my TTE Gears and win the Event! Everyone think the reason why i win this the gears what i use. And i think it too! Thank You TTE!!!
  8. Hi Guys and Girls! I got my Shock 3D 7.1 Headset yesterday. It is awesome, so comfortable, very clean sound and looks like a beast! If you want to change your old Headset for a new, you buy this one! Thank you TTE for makeing the best gears for us!
  9. Hi! Yesterday i got my Ventus X and its so coool! Buy it if you want a very good mouse thank you TTE
  10. Yesterday i was a LAN party in one esport Bar and i bring it my TTE gears and we win. After the LAN my friends ask what am i use and i say check the TTE homepage and buy some gears! Thank you the support for the win TTE!
  11. Hi! Yesterday i was a LAN-part with my friend, and i used my TTE gears and we win! My guys want TTE gears too so i told them where are they find! Thank you TTE!
  12. Hi guys yesterday i get my lvl10 head set and its awesome! Very comfortable and have a clearest sounds what i ever heard! thank you TTE!
  13. Hi guys! The Shock 3D 7.1 is the best headset! We try it yesterday LAN party and its so cool and have a clean sounds! You must to try it and buy it now!
  14. Hi guys I got my new Poseidon Z today and its so cool! I get the blue switch version, if you try the other one please tell me your opinion. Thank you TTE!
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