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  1. When the keyboard was working well, I could use every macro key (T1 was for showing desktop) but now when I press M1 (profile 1) the macro keys don't work and some other keys neither do. The same happens with M2 M3 and the Game profile. I've plugged the keyboard to another PC and there are no changes even though that I've never plugged the keyboard to the PC and the software wasn't installed. Evidence_3.mp4
  2. I have already tried it and it was working perfectly (I could set some macros and save my profiles) but now when i press the "M1", "M2" or "M3" key, most of the keys doesn't work. The only way that the keyboard works is when i unplug and plug (it does but the macros doesn't work). I bought this keyboard only for the macros if I'd known that this would happen I probably would have bought another simple keyboard . I've attached a photo (this blue lights keep flashing endlessly) and a video that explains my problem. Evidence_2.mp4
  3. How can I reset settings to default? The problem is that the keyboard doesn't change profiles, some keys don't work and the keys W A S D are inverted with the direction keys.
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