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  1. Okay! I finally got it to work! This mouse is gonna be great once I learn this software. The color changing is very easy to use, though the mouse button customization is a little more complex to me. Thank you for you patience in helping me! I love thermaltake products, my build is almost 100% thermaltake now!
  2. It is not a file that can be unzipped. It is only a PDF and it is something I cant even open. I've downloaded it from your link here and from your website where it says im supposed to get it. It either gives me a PDF or sends me to a Japanese error page... Please give me an explanation before I return this mouse. It feels great but is useless without software.
  3. Okay I keep downloading that rar. file but that doesnt do anything its not a full application i can run
  4. I recently purchased the Ventus Z gaming mouse and it feels great except there is no software available to download for this mouse and the box says the mouse has adjustable DPI and RGB lighting with a picture of the software being used on the box. Please help me find the program I need to use this mouse.
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