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  1. Boom!! Thank you, that was it. One case sensitive and the other not, might not be the best programming idea. At least add a note saying case sensitive. Just some feedback! Thanks for your persistence and overall help!!
  2. I even created a new account and same error...
  3. I cant bind an account because I cant login....come on this shouldn't be this hard...please fix your app. I mean its obviously not a single issue with people replying with the same. How about you delete my account and I reset it up. This is what I asked from the beginning.
  4. Same, removed and reinstalled and no luck same issue
  5. Attempted re-download and login and still fail. Here are screen shots
  6. I purchased the Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold 750W. Downloaded version 2.4.3 and still no luck. My login email is TasWhoGaming@gmail.com
  7. I have done this, I can login to the website but it wont let me login to the app. Can my account be deleted and I can try again from the app? Original account was created on the website.
  8. I cannot login using the account I created. On a side note when you select create your account and the only options are Enter/Try Now, that's a little odd, why wouldn't you take your customer to an actual create account screen. Anyways after looking for that option on the front splash page and then attempting to creating a trial account, finally just hitting enter and finally seeing a way to create an actual account I thought I had figured it out. Now, no matter what I do the app will refuse to let me login. I have tried v1 and v2, (your link to download the app on your site downloads the old one, I had to guess and manually type a 2 in the zip file to download v2...really??) both version do not allow a login. When I try to register again it says an email already exists and I have an account. I'm losing my mind over here...this shouldn't be this difficult!
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