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  1. I've made them aware of the situation, and your help - thank you. The new one should be here any day now. Warm Regards, Dultuh
  2. I'm, sadly, still experiencing hardware issues. Please advise. Warm Regards, -Carl
  3. Hey Mike, Since speaking with you, corporate got back to me and sent me another set of fans. Here's a shot of the new controller.
  4. May anyone else confirm this? -Much thanks.
  5. Evening Mike, Are you referring to the F 1.0.0? My Version is 2.1.5.
  6. Update: Received a new controller box and cable harness as a result of a second RMA. Same issue...
  7. Hey Mike, Thank you for the response. Yep - I connected the box via micro to reg usb. The surface pro I used did not respond to the 2.1.5, nor did an Intel-based laptop carrying Windows 10. Perhaps I fried it when I first connected to my AMD platform? I followed protocol: using a dedicated line from my ps and connected when the system was off. Regards, -Carl
  8. Hey Everybody, The long and short of it: RMA'd the control box, dealing with the same issues (pictured). What I've tried: -Connecting to every USB port: directly on mobo, case front panel, and back of mobo. I restarted my comp each time I tried a new usb port. On the attached image, bottom right corner, I do see system Temp/IP address (removed) as well as all of my system specs after clicking the "Info" icon... -The mobile app (via usb cable) can connect, however can't make any changes. -Several versions of the Riing Software: 1.1.3, 1.1.2., and 2.1.5. Some di
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