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  1. tried with just the one... same problem. tried unplugging the kraken aio. and rebooting with just the thermaltake plugged in. same problem. switched the header plugs of the two, same problem, changed the usb sleep suspend options in power options, same. disallowed the computer to shut off usb's in device manager, same. i unplugged the fan controller like you said and replugged it in while active. it did have the software respond. though when i put it back in sleep after that it blue screened... Checked the bios and couldn't find anything to change the usb behavior besides just shutting them off entirely. so.... ???
  2. I'll try it out when i get home. One thing though, If it's the usb port not repowering then shouldn't the software for the nzxt aio not be able to change anything either? They're both plugged into the same header and the aio software works fine after reboot.
  3. Hello All, Riing plus software version: 1.1.4, Motherboard : Asus Strix z370-I gaming I'm having an issue with the riing plus software not working after the computer wakes from sleep. It works perfectly fine on initial boot, can change fan speed, rgb lighting, the whole works. But when it wakes from sleep it wont change. I can open the program, push the buttons and have things change in the software, but nothing actually happens with the fans. Say switching from silent to performance mode. Nothing happens. Or switching light colors, nothing happens. If I close the software completely, and reopen, everything works again no problems. So it's not THAT big of a deal, I can get it to work again, but kind of annoying always having to close and reopen it again everytime it wakes back up. Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem. One thing of note, the motherboard only has one usb header, and i also have an nzxt rgb aio, so i had to buy a usb splitter to use both, so it's sharing a port with that. However the aio software responds just fine after sleep, so i don't think that would have any bearing, but just putting it out there in case that could be it. (which if it is, oh well i'm stuck with it since i need both) Any ideas?? Just faulty software? Thanks y'all sidenote: the 1.1.4 version fixes the not starting minimized issue.... YAY
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