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  1. My New Rig with tempered glass door removed. My EVGA video card lit up.
  2. Well the system is built and running. I ended up finding the answers to my questions by examining the case itself and talking to Fractal Design's tech support. To properly mount the AiO cooler I had to removed the large fan at the top of the case. Although I was hoping for a push/pull setup. The case is awesome but there are some small areas that could be improved upon. For example, the hard drive bay cage used is nice in that one can snap-in a drive on the back side of the cage. However, the design of the slots and mechanisms to secure the drives are less than optimal. The designer
  3. Hello everyone, I got my Core V71 Tempered Glass Edition tower for my AMD Ryzen 7 Build. I have some questions regarding my build and the parts involved and I want to make sure that the arrangement of the parts matches my intent. My intent is to have a push/pull fan configuration at the inside-top of the chassis with the radiator sandwiched in between the fans. Cool air should come in through the front of the chassis. The cool air should be pushed across the radiator using the 2x 120mm (12cm) fans that come with the cooling unit. The large fan at the top of the chassis should pull th
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